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Physical Therapy Services

We Help Families in North Texas Recover From Injury & Stay Active

So They Can Enjoy Life To The Fullest

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the cornerstone of our hands-on approach to effective physical therapy treatment. Skilled manual therapists can make immediate improvements to your range of motion and reduce your pain. As a result, their treatments can also create an opportunity for greater mobility, strength gains, and healing response. 

Pediatric Therapy

Skip the hustle and overcrowded pediatric clinics.  CLIMB offers 1-1 sessions with your little one to fully focus on you and your child's goals and leaves you with a clear plan to implement strategies at home to continue progress outside of the clinic.

Performance Therapy

We also make sure that home programs involve components of whatever sport or activity your injury is limiting you from. If you’re a runner, when appropriate, your home program is not just going to be a bunch of exercises … it needs to involve running! We apply this logic no matter what the goal activity or sport … from Yoga to CrossFit and everything in between, you’re not “fixed” until you can perform your beloved exercise without pain and limitations, so these things are included in what we have you do outside the clinic.


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