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We Help Families in North DFW Recover From Injury and Physical Limitation So They Can Keep Up With Friends & Family and Enjoy Life To The Fullest 

Our Favorite Products

Clean, All-Natural Products Picked Just For You

Pure&Free, LLC

Handcrafted healthy products for face, body & home. Pure&Free, LLC has a wide variety of skincare and wellness products for body, face, skin and home. Check out the FB page for more information. 

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Savvi Athleisure Wear

Women all over come to Savvi to style their lives. From the way they look and how they feel, to the way they serve and empower others, to how they design their day. They do it all with Savvi, and you can too!

We empower the artist in everyone. We believe you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality, the creator of your world…and we provide you with a way to style a life you truly desire. One of beauty, passion, community and impact. So whether you shop our store and experience our style or join our community of Savvipreneurs who are on a mission to bring together and empower people around the globe, we welcome you. Now get your style on.

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New Age Supplements

NewAge only partners with companies that share our passion for making a difference and serving others, while never compromising with the health, transparency and efficacy of the products. Our partner companies and their brands support the overarching NewAge strategy to develop leading, science-underpinned and functionally-differentiated healthy brands across three platforms: Health + Wellness, Inner + Outer Beauty and Nutritional Performance + Weight Management.

Our partner companies stand alone in their identities, their house loyalties and their affiliations with their respective Brand Partners, but are equally aligned to the collective NewAge purpose and vision.

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Hip Hook

Designed by a Physical Therapist, the hip hook is designed to help with problems such as back pain, hip pain, IT Band Syndrome, SI joint dysfunction, osteoarthritis, joint pain and  sciatic nerve pain.

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Cure Hydration

Backed by science and rooted in nature, Cure is a tasty, daily electrolyte drink made with organic coconut water, pink Himalayan salt and no sugar.

Sports drinks are chock full of added sugar and artificial flavors. We say "no thank you". Cure is made with only premium and organic ingredients like coconut water and pink Himalayan salt. We took what existed in nature and mixed it to tasty perfection.

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