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We Help Athletes and Active Adults Get Back To Sports and Activities Without Surgery or Pain Medication

Who Can We Help At CLIMB Therapy and Wellness? 

At CLIMB Therapy and Wellness, we understand that every single person’s pain, injury or developmental delay is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to your body, and how it is effecting your life so we can create a plan that focuses on YOU and your goals.

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Ready to start enjoying life again and feel CLIMB is the place for you? Book an appointment here to set up your first visit. Are you not ready to book an appointment and have a question you would like answered first? Click here to request to speak with a physical therapist first

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We realize that some people want to find out more about the cost and insurance coverage before booking a physical therapy appointment. If you want to know what it cost and what availability we have at our different locations, please click on the button below and fill out the simple form.

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We realize that most people are unsure of what physical therapy is and whether it's right for their problem. If you would like to come in and see how CLIMB Therapy and Wellness can help you, then fill out this short form so we can answer your questions and arrange a free 20-minute consult.

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Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

Convenient Schedule for A Busy Mom

" I have had great experiences at CLIMB Therapy and Wellness w/ Camri.  I started PT post-op and was back at 100% much sooner than anticipated.  Each visit with Camri was tailored specifically to my needs.  Camri had very convenient scheduling that worked well for a working mom like me...."

Pushing Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone

" Camri is absolutely AMAZING. She has been my son’s physical therapist for over a year. She has pushed him (and sometimes me, too 😅) out his comfort zone and he has grown tremendously. She always has new ideas and she is full of resources. I can’t recommend her enough."

Learned to Assist My Child w/ Mobility Challenges

"Camri is the patron saint of mamas...especially this one! She has taken my baby from being unable to sit up on her own to just about ready to walk in 3 short months. She works miracles in the most gracious and loving ways. She's helped me learn how to assist my child with her mobility challenges, taught me how to tape her legs, given me solid nutritional advice for my picky eater, and been a good and encouraging friend..."

Learn more about myself with every visit

" I’ve been working with Camri at @climb_pt_wellness on my mobility in order to improve my overall strength training form and reduce chronic pain. It’s been eye-opening to learn how my body has compensated for its weaknesses without me even knowing.  I’ve learned sooooo much from Camri, and I continue to learn more about myself with every visit. The body is an amazing thing, and it can do so much if you help it improve. ❤️.

Get To Know Us....

CLIMB Therapy and Wellness is centered around the concept of "Changing Lives Impacting Mind & Body". We focus on both the outer body and the inner mind to get lasting results that can carry through your or your child's lifetime, not just a quick fix.  

Camri Breeding, founder of CLIMB, is passionate about guiding you or your family member through lifechanging treatment utilizing skilled physical therapy, health/life coaching techniques, advanced manual therapy skills, professional knowledge of exercise science and performance skills as well as advanced training in childhood development to help you or your family member overcome the physical (and often times... mental) roadblocks that are holding you back from engaging in life to your fullest potential.

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